Le Royaume

No. 198 – July-August 2009


  • The New Springtime of the Church, Fr. Jean-François Mastropietro
  • “For New Wine, New Wineskins”, Father Benoît Picard
  • “My Vocation: GIFT and MYSTERY”, Father Stéphane Gamache
  • “The revelation of your words sheds light…”, Jeannine T. Blanchette
  • Liturgical and Pastoral Activities – Spiri-Maria
  • The Multiplication of Loaves and Fish, Father Rémi Tremblay
  • The Triumph of the Immaculate!, Jean Têtu
  • The Hour of the Eucharist and the Spirit, Sylvie Payeur Raynauld
  • Remember Us..., Sr. Andrée-Anne Caron
  • Looking at MARIE-PAULE Through a Photographer’s Eyes, Fr. Marcel Larouche
  • The Divine Light, Father Marcel Larouche
  • “You Will Crush Its Head”, Sylvie Payeur Raynauld
  • A Little Flame From Her Heart Burning With Love, Henriette Michaud
  • “I Will Give Proof of Your Innocence”, Sylvie Payeur R.
  • Summer Camps 2009: Young Girls’ Camps, Sr. Andrée-Anne Caron
  • Young Boys’ Camp, Fr. Gilbert Damphousse
  • The Building Up of the Kingdom, Father Eric Roy

Readers' Comments

An Immeasurable Self-Denial...

We had the privilege of attending the three days of prayer of the May triduum, and we wish to share with you our appreciation of the extraordinary moments we lived. It is impossible to appreciate such moments without taking time to stop and immerse ourselves in them anew.

We assisted at the triumph of the Immaculate Heart which Mary herself had foretold. We understand the suffering brought about by such an event. An immeasurable self-denial was necessary in the measure of the event itself in order, once again, to accomplish the Father’s will. But “our eyes saw”; what graces! Yes, truly, “Heaven is on earth!”

The ceremonies, the conferences, the Masses, all of it was sublime. Beauty in simplicity! Even if, in their importance, the ceremonies were grandiose, everything was done with just the right decorum and modesty. We have belonged to Mary’s Work for almost 30 years. Little by little, Heaven has revealed its plan, to gradually bring us to this Crowning. A slow progression, according to our capacity, in order to allow us to discover, little by little, the mystery of the Co-Redemption and to adhere to it fully. When we look back on it, everything is logical and everything is linked. Regardless of what people may say, none of this could have been realized solely on the human level. Thank you again, dear Marie-Paule, for your daily “fiat”, for without that “yes”, what would we have become?

Suzanne and Bertrand Desbiens

Heaven Has “Invaded” Us With Its Splendor

Our earthly words are so poor to express the emotion dwelling in us since the triduum. By simply thinking about it, the tears flow. In our humble opinion, there has never been and there never will be a ceremony as grand as the one of May 31, 2009. Always in simplicity, Heaven “invaded” us with its splendor by crowning its Queen.

What a joy it was to see my two sisters, Claudia and Julie, give themselves in the religious life! What an example for our children to see their aunts consecrate their lives to Jesus and Mary. What a detachment it is too for the family! Henceforth, we will be united by prayer and love in God and the Immaculate.

A blessed gratitude to Heaven for this divine program and to you, Mother Paul-Marie, for having consented to it. Your “fiat” will be sung for ever and ever. A sincere thanks to all the men and women who, on earth, orchestrated such a sweet and perfect harmony.

The heart of each family member is overflowing with thanksgiving over having been able to personally reiterate their love to you. Thank you for the celestial sweetness granted the souls of our little ones. May the memory of those graces etch themselves deeply in their hearts for ever. We love you so much! We ask of you faithfulness, faith and abandonment in the Work of the Quinternity. Tenderly,

Isabelle Joubert and Stéphane Palud
with our six little treasures