Le Royaume






Cover page of the paper Le Royaume of March-April 2014



  • “The Renewal of Our Soul”, Marc Bosquart
  • To No Longer Regard From a Human Point of View, Marie-Colette
  • The Cross and Love: the Basis of All Holiness, Fr. Victor Rizzi
  • Jesus Christ, Marie-Paule: a Same Life of Love, François Gobert
  • Redemption – Co-Redemption: the Same Mystery, Fr. Benoît Picard
  • Mother Paul-Marie Tells Us..., Sister France Bergeron
  • “You Have Already Lived!”, Sylvie Payeur Raynauld
  • The Canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, Sylvie Payeur Raynauld
  • Liturgical and Pastoral Activities – Spiri-Maria
  • How to Purify Our Soul and Sanctify Ourselves, Father Eric Roy
  • 2014: Centennial Year of Saint Pius X's Death, Jeannine Thiffault Blanchette
  • "You Whom My Heart Loves, You Who Have Cost Me So Much...”, Fr. Angelo Gonthier
  • The Construction of the Seminary of the Church of John
  • To Live Like Him by Doing Good, Father Maurice Péloquin
  • “God Calls Us to Holiness”, Padre Jean-Pierre

The Readers' Thoughts

“Will We See This Kingdom?”

Dear Marc,

Just a quick note to underline the grandeur and the soundness of your article entitled, “The Kingdom: A World Without Corruption, Without War and Without Disasters”, which I have just finished reading.

Will we see this Kingdom? We know not the hour, but I personally dedicate all my hope to it. Not for myself but for humanity. And yet, through my profession as an accountant, I am working concretely at applying and maintaining an important sector of our society’s present structures. What a paradox!

Does humanity deserve the Kingdom? We must hope so. God is Love and this time of darkness is also a time of mercy. We are happy to believe in it through the Lady’s Work, and perhaps we will even have the joy of concretely participating in its establishment.

In union with the Lady,

Romain Joyal