On March 10, 1975,
His Eminence Cardinal Maurice Roy,
Archbishop of Quebec
and Primate of the Church in Canada,
established the Army of Mary
as a Pious Association.

His Em. Cardinal Maurice Roy
His Eminence
Cardinal Maurice Roy

Retranscription of the Decree issued by His Em. Cardinal Maurice Roy:

WHEREAS the Army of Mary has as its goal to reanimate the interior life of its members through a personal reform that will radiate forth in a fruitful apostolate;

WHEREAS the Army of Mary works toward this goal through attention to three points in particular, namely, devotion to the Eucharist in an authentic liturgy, devotion to Mary according to the teaching of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, and the service of the Church in respect for the supreme Pastor and the other bishops;

WHEREAS the Army of Mary is a movement which proposes as its end the general apostolic goal of the Church (Vatican II, Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, no 19);

WHEREAS the Army of Mary desires to be erected into a Pious Association according to the norms of ecclesiastical legislation;

THEREFORE, in virtue of our ordinary authority we hereby constitute the Army of Mary a Pious Association according to the terms of Canon 708 of the Code of Canon Law.

We establish its canonical seat at number 2040 of the 26th Street of the city of Quebec.

Given at Quebec under our signature, the seal of the archdiocese and the countersignature of the Chancellor,
this tenth day of March, 1975.

* * *

The Army of Mary - A Pious Association

March 25, 1975

Dear Monsignor,

In response to the desire of the Army of Mary, and in accordance with a decision of the executive council of the A.E.Q., I have constituted the Army of Mary a Pious Association having its headquarters in the diocese of Quebec.

By reason of its new status, this new Association should now maintain the closest ties with the Archbishop of Quebec. That is why, knowing your prudence, your enlightened zeal and the interest you have in this Association, I am hereby appointing you the moral counsellor of the Army of Mary, for a period of one year. The directors of the Association are to come to you for advice, and you will be kind enough to give me a report regularly concerning their activities.

I thank you for your collaboration for the welfare of this Association, and I bless your ministry on behalf of its members.

Yours very faithfully, Monsignor, in Our Lord,

Monsignor Robert Lacroix, P. D.
1330, chemin Sainte-Foy
Quebec - P.Q.
G1S 2N5

(A.E.Q.: Assemblée des Évêques du Québec [the Quebec Conference of Bishops] )

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